Waxing in a specialized waxing studio Sweet Epil is based on professional hair removal using a special Sweet Epil sugar paste. Unlike the often painful waxing by ordinary wax, waxing with Sweet Epil sugar paste is extremely gentle and is therefore also suitable for waxing od sensitive areas such as intimate parts, so-called Brazilian waxing.

Smooth skin without hair then lasts 4 – 6 weeks. When using Sweet Epil method, the hair gradually weakens, grows less and is not ingrown. Over time, the hair disappears completely.

Sweet Epil waxing is suitable for both women and men.

Sweet Epil waxing


With regular razor shaving, hair grows thicker and firmer and very often shaving irritates the skin so much that it is then reddened, sometimes even inflamed with white sores. Shaving must be repeated almost every day. It´s boring and the result quite poor. With the Sweet Epil method, hair is removed even with the roots, so it´s gradually weaken and grows less. Professionally trained Epil Lady will provide careful and gentle removal of all unwanted hair. The skin then lasts without hair for 4-6 weeks. The special sugar paste containing Aloe Vera has an antiseptic effect, so there is no inflammation of the pores and the skin is regenerated at the same time. It is a very practical and comfortable solution to get rid of unwanted hair, in addition with a long-term effect.


Sweet Epil’s waxing studio offer includes the removal of unwanted hair on all parts of the body (a detailed overview of all waxed parts can be found in the Price List for HER and Price List For HIM. The gentleness of this method also allows the removal of hair in the face and also in the nostrils and ears. The Sweet Epil method is so gentle and soft that it is also ideal for hair removal in intimate parts Brazilian waxing. The most commonly used services include epilation of armpits, groin, legs, arms and intimate areas. Men often go for hair removal of the back, shoulders, chest and recently, the increasingly popular Men´s Brazilian waxing. An overview of all waxing options can be found in our Price List.