For more than 13 years we have been taking care of your perfectly smooth hairless skin. We are the first specialized waxing studio in the Czech Republic. This narrow specialization guarantees maximum professionalism. We have been operating successfully on our market since 2010. In our studio we offer waxing by the unique Sweet Epil method using a special sugar paste. We are very pleased with the long-term favor of you, our loyal customers. Thanks to your satisfaction and positive feedback, we know that what we do makes sense. We greatly appreciate your favor and we are happy to continue to provide you with that amazing feeling of perfectly smooth skin.

We have been here for you since 2010


The Sweet Epil waxing method is based on the most effective mechanical hair removal using a special sugar paste. Sweet Epil sugar paste is first heated in a water bath to a temperature comparable to that of the body. So you don’t have to worry that the paste might burn you during the contact with the skin. The professionally trained Epil Lady then  applies sugar paste on the waxed area. The paste is applied against the direction of hair growth and thus adheres perfectly to all hair. The paste adheres only to the hair, not to the skin, doesn´t demage the integrity of it and is thus as gentle as possible to the skin. The hair is then removed in the direction of growth using special nanotapes. Thanks to this technique, the hair does not break, the skin is not irritated and the hair removal is almost painless. The gentleness of the method is also evidenced by the frequent use by expectant mothers, especially the Brazilian waxing For Pregnant Women.


Sweet Epil sugar paste was developed on the basis of the latest knowledge of modern biomedicine and is based on a unique combination of the softness of sugar paste and the regenerative effects of Aloe Vera. Sweet Epil sugar paste contains 100% natural ingredients without chemical additives and is hypoallergenic. It does not irritate the skin and is therefore also suitable for very sensitive skin. Sweet Epil sugar paste adheres only to hair, not to the skin, does not damage its integrity (which often happens with ordinary wax) and is thus perfectly gentle on the skin. Thanks to the Aloe Vera content, the skin is also regenerated. Sweet Epil sugar paste is so soft and gentle that it is also ideal for waxing of intimate areas, so-called Brazilian waxing.


Our Epil Ladies are professionally trained in hair removal using the Sweet Epil method and have education in the field of healthcare and cosmetics. Epil Ladies are also recruited from the students at the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. Each Epil Lady first undergoes intensive training, thanks to which professional care is guaranteed. Discretion is a matter of course for us, so there is no need to worry about anything. The professionalism, discretion and narrow specialization of our Epil Ladies can ensure the highest possible comfort even during intimate procedures, such as Brazilian waxing For HER or Brazilian waxing For HIM.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ilona Pilná

A unique waxing studio in Prague, which I can highly recommend. I have been visiting it for several years and I have always been satisfied with the services performed. Friendly, professional staff, hassle-free booking, cleanliness, price appropriate to the quality.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

David Poláček

I come to you regularly for Brazilian waxing and I am always satisfied. The ladies are professional.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Karolína Staňková

I can only recommend! Clean environment, nice and experienced staff, good location. It was my first experience, but it left a great impression. I will definitely come back. Try it. 🙂