BRAZILIAN WAXING: Love a perfectly smooth, hairless body

Bára Cihlová/30.6.2015

Also, every time you want to get rid of unwanted hair, do you reach for the razor first? But why not to try it a little differently this time?

I’m sure you’ll agree that razor-shaving can be really boring. In addition, it can cause unpleasant skin irritation, pimple formation and ingrown hair, not to mention. But I’m sure you already know all this well. So if you want to have a careless holiday for a few weeks this year, bet on Brazilian waxing this time, following our example. You won’t regret it.

What’s going on, then?

The term Brazilian waxing means the complete removal of hair in the intimate parts of the body, but in Europe this term also refers to such waxing, in which the pubic hair are left to a certain shape (most often in the form of a narrow strip or triangle). Brazilian waxing takes place in various salons, where it is usually done with either sugar paste or wax. We tried the so-called “Brazilian” at the Sweet Epil Studio on Vyšehradská Street in Prague. Waxing is carried out here with 100% natural Sweet Epil paste, which is created by combining natural sugar and Aloe Vera and is also suitable for very sensitive skin. The advantage of this method is that it is extremely gentle and is thus a better choice than, for example classic wax.

How does waxing work?

Waxing is carried out by a specially trained Epil Lady, who first heats the paste in a water bath to about 50°C (in general, the warmer the paste when application is, the better – it opens pores more and makes it more easy to take smaller hairs with it). The paste is then applied in parts against the direction of hair growth, and then performs waxing with special waxing tapes. At first, waxing can be a little painful (prepare for 6 to 8 unpleasant “pulls, each of which hurts one to two seconds), but if you go for a second waxing, it hurts a lot less. In addition, you will be surprised by the speed of the whole process – it usually takes no more than 10-15 minutes.

What are the benefits?

The advantage of Brazilian waxing is that it ensures a perfectly smooth skin for a few weeks, completely out of work. For the first time, smooth skin will last you about 14 days, after which the first fine hairs begin to appear. If you can go another two weeks without shaving and repeat the Brazilian waxing, the perfectly smooth skin will last you at least three weeks. After repeated waxing, the hair weaken and stop growing. The longer you repeat the waxing, the weaker the hairs are and the less hair you have. Visits to the waxing studio once a month are thus prolonged to visits once every six weeks, once every two months, and so on. All that matters is how fast your hair grows and how long you’ve been going to “Brazilian.”

For a Brazilian waxing, go to sweet epil studio, the only specialized studio in the Czech Republic. In the studio you can also try waxing of armpits, legs, hands, but also waxing of eyebrows or upper lip. More on the

You can go for Brazilian waxing as such for a variety of reasons. Some go to the “Brazilian” from an aesthetic point of view, for some it is a matter of personal hygiene. It is also recommended for pre-birth women, for which razor shaving is quite uncomfortable.

How to prepare for Brazilian waxing?

No special preparations are needed before the Brazilian waxing. The only rule you need to follow in advance is to let your hair grow to the right length (it takes about 10-12 days). If you go to the studio for the first time, be prepared for the fact that the skin may be more sensitive to touch the first two days after waxing. After the process, avoid sports or sauna for a day and do not use soaps or creams when showering. In the studio, after the treatment, you can also buy 100% natural products for afterwax skin care – a gentle peeling with guarana that softens the skin, relieves it of dead cells and prevents ingrown hair, or a serum, after which the hairs soften and stop growing.

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